The revolution in orthodontie. The power of the Artificial Intelligence. The improvment in precision.
The reduction of the analysis time to maximum a few seconds.

A new concept of cephalometric tracing module.

Powerfull and revolutionnary, it allows for a full automatic tracing and result …. in seconds !

Check out this amazing presentation video here :

Thanks to a proven Artificial Intelligence engine, the software finds soft and hard tissue landmarks, planes and silhouettes on lateral or PA radiographs in seconds.

So much time saved !

And discover how your patients will see the expected results, thanks to Growth Projection.

Skull growth projection will grow the skull tracing from the current skeletal age to the chosen skeletal age.
Projections up to maturity are thruly possible.

VTO and/or STO will help you create one or more complexity levels of treatment plans based on predicted results.

Two modules are available :

1. Automatic tracing based on Artificial Intelligence at a very affordable price.
2. time delayed results thanks to skull growth projection, VTO, STO at just a little extra cost

They are NO yearly re-licencing or any other extra costs at all after the purchase.
That is just a one time fee.

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